Asian Freediving Cup 2017

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Asian Freediving Cup 2017

Welcome to Asia's biggest annual Freediving Event!

When & Where?

The Competition will take place over the period of three consecutive days starting on June 3rd until June 5th. Location will be the Kalikasan Dive Resort, located on Panglao Island's north coast. The competition platform will be anchored around 100m from shore with shuttle boats bringing athletes to and from the competition area.

Who can join?

Freedivers of all levels are welcome to compete. The only prerequisites are:

How can I join and how much is it?

The cost for the competition is 250 USD. This includes the 3 official dives over 3 days and the closing party including dinner on June 5th. To sign up for the event you can register through the competition website

After completing the registration form online we will ask for a 50% deposit to reserve your spot. The rest of the competition fee will be due latest at the event meeting on June 2nd.

Cancellation policy

After registering online you will receive an invitation to pay the 50% deposit to reserve your place. If we do not receive payment until March 1st your registration will expire and we give priority to the next athlete on the waiting list. If the deposit has been paid but you are not able to join, we will refund the deposit if the cancellation is done before April 1st.

Waiting List

We have space for 45 competing athletes. However in the past years the competition was always fully booked within a few days after the opening of registration. Once the competition is full we will create a waiting list for any additional inquiries. Once registered athletes cancel or do not pay until the due date of March 1st we will give priority to the next diver on the waiting list.

The Competition Meeting

There is an event meeting where all competing athletes must be present. It will take place on June 2nd at 3pm at the Freedive Panglao Center. What you need to bring:

For athletes who do not have a medical statement, there will be a doctor present who will issue medicals for a fee of 20 USD from 2:30-3pm.

After completing the registration of all athletes we will give a review of the competition rules and also publish the startlist for day 1. The meeting will finish at around 6pm.

What is a 3-pack competition?

There are three competition days. Every day is dedicated to one of the depth disciplines.

The best overall results from all three days (disciplines performed in that order) will determine the top three divers (male / female). However you are free to announce dives that are not representing the discipline of that day. For example you can do a FIM dive on the CNF day. That dive will of course appear in the AIDA International ranking, but you will receive zero points for that day for the comp internal ranking.


Like every year, safety is our main concern. We want to organize an event that is fun and relaxed but at the same time safe and professional. Here are some of our safety mechanisms:

In the unlikely event of any diver needing additional care in a hospital we have multiple cars on standby that can reach the nearest clinic within 15min.

The Medical Team and Organizers have the right to refuse the start of any athlete if diving would pose an obvious risk to the diver's health.

Water conditions

May and June are usually the best months for Freediving in the Philippines. Very little to no wind will make for nice surface conditions. The water temperature will be 29- 30 degrees on the surface. This temperature stays constant until a depth of around 50m. Below that the temperature usually drops by not more than one degree. Below 90m the temperature is usually not less 26 degrees. The expected visibility is around 25- 30m. We try our best to schedule the dives during times with least current.

Prizes and Sponsors

Like the past years we are once again blessed to receive a lot of support and we are happy to offer some very high quality prizes to award the best dives of the competition.

Many other awards and surprises are waiting during our closing party on June 5th!

We hope this information is helpful, please contact us at if you have any further questions!

We wish everyone successful training and hope to see you in June!

The Freedive Panglao Team